Our Mission is to improve food security in the Piscataquis Region by connecting people with sources of healthy food.

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Meals on Wheels Funding

Did you know there is currently a waiting list for seniors to sign up for Meals on Wheels? There are 2 bills of great importance to older people in our region, LD 472 and 474, which would fund expansion of the Maine Meals on Wheels program and would eliminate the waiting list for this program. the bills have passed out of committee and are awaiting appropriations approval. Now is the time to contact your local representatives to urge support in funding these bills. Meals on Wheels is not only life saving for many older people who have to decide about buying food or paying for fuel, but the program enables people to remain out of institutional care for up to 2 years longer, supports people

Wednesdays With Whitney

“Last month we tackled sugar on the food label, what about the rest of it? HELP!” Let’s start from the top and make our way to the bottom. Serving size. The serving size is what the nutrition facts are based on. So, if the serving size reads “31 pieces” or “6 crackers” or “½ cup”, that is the measure/amount that the information provided is based on. Therefore, if the serving size is ½ cup and you are eating 1 cup, you would have to multiply by two to get accurate calories etc. When comparing two products, be sure to keep the serving sizes in mind. The serving size for one cereal may be ¾ cup and another 1 ¼ cups, for example. Servings per container. The servings per container is essentially

Food Center Spotlight--Patrick Myers

Patrick Myers grew up in the Dover-Foxcroft area, went to school at Foxcroft Academy, earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from the University of Maine in Orono, and then had to get out of the state for awhile. After traveling around the country and the world for 10 years he realized that it was time to head home. He and his wife bought the house in Sebec that he grew up in and settled down. A year later he was hired as the Center Theatre's founding Executive Director. He grew the organization for five years and then resigned to follow other pursuits and spend more time with his family. In 2015 the Center Theatre was once again looking for a new Executive Director and Patrick wa

FarmShare For Homebound Seniors Donation

Did you hear the news? Maine Highland Federal Credit Union spent 2018 working on raising funds to end hunger in our communities. Piscataquis Regional Food Center was one of 23 food distribution sites to receive a donation from them. This $1,000 will be used to sponsor seniors for our FarmShare of Homebound Seniors Program. This program started 3 years ago with 12 seniors, and has grown exponentially each year since it began as a pilot program in 2016. We're close to having 40 participants this year! We rely on donors such as Maine Highland Federal Credit Union and folks just like you who want everyone to have access to healthy, local foods. To learn how to sponsor a senior's $50 FarmShare

#FoodCenter Spotlight: Merrilee Schoen

Meet Merrilee Schoen, project assistant at the PR Food Center! Hello everyone, My name is Merrilee. I’m the project assistant for the PR Food Center. Much of what I do here involves coordinating and connecting the dots for seasonal programming. That means, renewing and signing up seniors for FarmShare for Homebound Seniors program and finding volunteers, thinking up creative ways to get more kids to attend Free Summer Lunches, and co-creating content for our Hunger Awareness Campaign. Check our Facebook page and Blog for articles, interviews with our community and fun facts about food! While I’m not at the PR Food Center, I work part time as a farm hand with the Marr Pond Farm in Sangerville

Volunteers Make the Food Go 'Round...

This #FoodCenterFriday is all about sharing stories and introducing a few of the volunteers that helped at last month's Commodities distribution. We are always curious about what motivates each of them to continue to show up and dedicate their time. We want to know, what's the draw? Distribution for Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), a program led by Eastern Area Agency on Aging, happens on the second Thursday of every month here at Piscataquis Regional Food Center. Eastern Area Agency on Aging (EAAA) volunteers usually show up around 12:40/12:45pm to sort the produce. Folks line up to receive their Commodities food boxes and produce by the loading dock around 1pm. Distribution ty

"Story of Hungry": Inspiration in Video

A Few Stats on Kids and Hunger: 69.1% of kids in Piscataquis County are eligible for free or reduced meals during the school year, according to a report called the Kids Count Data Center. That's a lot of kids whose families need a little help making sure there is enough food at home! What this means for Summer: Kids who are eligible during the school year for free or reduced breakfast and lunches, also need help in the summer. The Free Summer Meal Program helps fill in the gaps for kids across the country by providing summer lunches in neighborhoods, at libraries, at ballparks and in townhalls- anywhere that is easy to get to for kids and families. "Story of Hungry" It can be hard to imagine